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Blade is a character in The Blackblood Alliance. His role will be that of an Antagonist.


Blade is the eldest child of Rapier and Scimitar. He was his mother's "chosen one" of the litter, and he certainly always remind his brothers and sister, Claymore and Scythe, of his dominance. Blade is very close to his mother. The two often hunt together, much to the disgust of Claymore and Scythe, who Rapier refused to teach them how to hunt, or feed them. Claymore and Scythe do not like or respect him, giggling about him behind his back, and a plot to get rid of him one day. And then their mother would give 'their' attention. Scimitar gives them his full attention, which is very little. Attention hungry brood can become part Alteron rollback, because there is so much internal damage.

Family Edit

Blade is the son of Rapier and Scimitar. Grandson of Greyback and WhiteWind, Imek and Avie's nephew, Claymore and Scythe's brother.