History Edit

Character Sheet13 Bloodspill by KayFedewa

Bloodspill's Character Sheet

Not much is known about her history at this point in the story. Her father is/was Banehollow, a former Elite Guard captain who worked for Greyback, the former Alpha male of Inaria; her old home. She has an older sister, Swiftkill. Even though Bloodspill is bigger than her sister, Swiftkill established dominance since puppyhood and Bloodspill has been loyal from that day on.

Pictures of her mother have been issued but no name has been revealed.

A fellow Blackblood Riptide also picks on her for being fat. Riptide is actually the cousin of Bloodspill.

Family Edit

Bloodspill's older sister is Swiftkill. She is the daughter of Banehallow and another Blackblood wolf, whose name is yet to be revealed. However, there are a few pictures of Bloodspill's mother.

Her grandfather is Stonebrow, her aunt is Fairstep, and her cousin is called Riptide. She does have a son called Reicher (sired by Blade), but he has yet to appear in the comic.