Maro is a character from The Blackblood Alliance. He is one of the minor characters working for Rapier. Maro is also a dire wolf


Maro first appears in page 10 of the first issue. In page 14 Swifkill tries to talk him out of working for Rapier, but Maro claims that Inaria doesn't need the Elite Guard protecting it anymore and then attempts to kill Swiftkill, however, Swiftkill scars his right eye and a wounded Maro is left sreaming in pain.

It is unknown what happened to him after four years since the Blackbloods' exile but it can be assumed he's with the Alterons.


Maro's history is unknown.


  • In an earlier draft of BBA, Maro was to have been killed by Swiftkill.
  • Maro can be Japanese for "myself."