Saber War====

The Saber War is so far a border conflict between the Inarian wolves and the Saber clans of the west.

Location Edit

Inarian and Saber clans border although the war continues to push deeper into Inarian lands.


Inarian wolves

Saber Clans

Black Blood Allaince


Inarian WolvesEdit

Alpha Greyback (deceased)

Alpha Whitewind

Beta Blackear (deceased)

Saber ClansEdit

Unknowen probably multiple clan cheifs

Black Blood AllianceEdit




BBA Council


Sabers breach the border defenses and push further into Inarian territory

War still ongoing

Strength and CasualtiesEdit

Inarian WolvesEdit


Unkown possibly 1000-3000


Unknown possibly mid to heavy

Saber Clans BoldEdit


Unkown possibly 1000-4000


Unkown possibly light to mid

Black Blood AllianceEdit


Unkown possibly 500-800




After Whitewind banished the Royal Gaurd to the south of the Inarian border few months have passed since the banishment of the Black Bloods the saber clans only fear and protection from their wrath. The cheifs took notice to this vulnrability and summond their warriors and launched a massive assualt on the Inarian border. Greyback along with Blackear assembled thier armies and head off to assist the border gaurds to the west. Once thier Greyback and Blackear along with their warriors find the border gaurds holding on to whats left of a lost border. Greyback took a company of wolves to retake the river bed while Blackear took another company to retake and hold the inner forest. At first their to two prong attack was going well until the sabers regrouped and launched a counter attack agiants them devastating and destroying their newly formed deffensive line. Greyback ordered the rest of his army back to the river bed in hopes of making a last but doomed last stand to hold the border deffenses. During the mass chaos Greyback was ambushed by a saber warrior and killed, leaderless the remaining soldiers make a retreat back for home. Blackear tries effortlessly to gather his soldiers, but he to was ambushed and killed by a saber warrior. Back at home Whitewind orders that the remaining forces regroup at the dens for a major deffensive battle agiants the sabers while sending to scouts the badlands to ask the Black Bloods for help. In the Badlands the scouts run into Swiftkill and Bloodspill who thought they were spies. The scouts tell the two their message and Swiftkill tells them to go home. Back at the Black Bloods home Swiftkill tells the BBA Council that Inaria request their help, after a long talk the BBA Council agrees to send them aid, but Swiftkill is not so eager to help them so Warbound leads the reinforcements towards Inaria.