Swiftkill color Sheet by KayFedewa

Current Swiftkill Character Sheet

Swiftkill is the protagonist of both BBA (2005 - 2009) and its reboot (2016 - present).

History Edit

BBA graphic Novel pg 23 by KayFedewa

The Exile of the Blackbloods

Not much is known about her history. Her father was/is Banehollow, a former Elite Guard captain who worked for Greyback, the former Alpha male of Inaria; her old home. She has a younger sister: Bloodspill, who is strangely bigger than she is. Pictures of her mother have been issued but no name has been revealed. It is not known whether she was born in Inaria or not but she became the captain of the Elite Gaurd. She claims she was youngest ever to get promoted to the rank and Inaria was the most successful and safe wolf pack whilst she was on duty as it would only take a few of her guard would protect them from the sabres, their most feared enemy. She and her younger sister Bloodspill, along with many more wolves, were exiled out of the pack because Rapier, an evil wolf, jealous of her rank, blamed her for killing Whitewinds pups. Now, Whitewind is summoning them to help defeat their enemies, but Swiftkill does not wish to help Inaria from the sabres.

Family Edit

Swiftkill's father is referred to as "Banehallow," and her sister is Bloodspill. There are a few pictures of Swiftkill's mother, but the mother has yet to recieve a name. She has an aunt named Fairstep, a cousin named Riptide (Fairstep's son), and a nephew named Reicher (Bloodspill's son), who has yet to appear in the comic. Her grandfather, Stonebrow, makes his appearance in the 2nd issue.Issue the 2 nd